Achievement of an Ex-Student

October 7, 2019

Niloffer Muneer is an ex-student of IHS. She studied in IHS for 12 years since kindergarten. After leaving the school, she followed the path of her dreams of becoming a Pilot. Now, she achieved the title "Youngest Student Pilot License Holder in Kerala at the Age of 16!".

"Now I really feel proud to say that I was a student of IHS for 12 years and IHS teachers have shaped my mind really well that I have really gained a lot of confidence and courage before I left from IHS. My school has taught me really good discipline and the value of hardship and I'm proud of it to maintain those good values and my behaviour. I would like to convey special thanks to all my teachers for teaching me skills and values apart from our studies." – Niloffer Muneer

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