Student Exchange Programme Al Resala School visits The Indian High School

January 10, 2018

We were honored to welcome Al Resala School, Kuwait to The Indian High School today. The group toured the school, visited the newly constructed ‘Urban Forest’, the sports complex, Rashid Auditorium, the Aryabhatta Reference and Research Centre. The group also had the chance to meet Mr. Sunil Umrao Singh, the Hon. Chairman, IHS who shared some words of wisdom with the young minds.

The group was accompanied by the Student Council of IHS and a teacher coordinator. It was a pleasure witnessing the two groups share ideas on student’s life and their daily deals. The students shared how they contribute to their respective schools through various platforms including write-ups, artworks, event coordination and management. IHS students also apprised the group about how mindful initiatives of teachers and the school collectively are making learning fun for them. IHS was elated to share the everyday learning expedition with Al Resala School, Kuwait.

 The team from the Al Resala School, Kuwait meets the Hon Chairman, Mr. Sunil Umrao Singh

 Educating the group about the Urban Forest and the Sophrology SenTer