School News November 2018

December 18, 2018


Grade 5 & 6 (Girls)

Picnic was organised on November 26th. Students were taken to Motiongate. They had relaxation, fun and enjoyed all the rides.

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 28th. During this day, teachers joined together to organize an events for the students. Students enjoyed the program, realize the importance of this day and understand why it is celebrated.

Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Picnic to Aquaventure Waterpark, Atlantis was organised on November 5th. Students enjoyed thoroughly all the water rides. It was an opportunity for their experiential learning. It also encouraged the enhancement of their social skills, camaraderie, team building and personal growth.

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 14th. On account of this day, games and sports was organized for students. It helped to develop their self-esteem and personal growth by appreciating their individuality.

Poem Recitation (English and Hindi) was conducted on November 20th. Students from grade 5 recited on the topic ‘Humurous’ while students from grade 6 recited the topic titled ‘Nature’. The objective of this competition was to enable them to enjoy the recitation of the poem and to develop their power of imagination.

Grade 7 & 8 (Girls)

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 28th. During this day, teachers organized an event for students to show their affection towards them. A presentation on the importance of the day followed by various dances and a fashion show was also included.

Street Play for grade 8 girls was planned to be conducted on November 19th and is now reschedule for a later date in January due to completion of portions for PT 2.

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 21st. During this day, students took part in JAM session while teachers entertained them with dance performance and a comic skit.

Beat Diabetes Walk was conducted on November 23rd. This program was an opportunity for students to take part in a social cause.

UAE National Day (Special Assembly) was held on November 26th. Students from grade 8 division ‘V’ presented a skit and displayed a power point presentation about UAE.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Henna Designing competition for grade 9 and Rangoli competition for grade 10 was conducted on November 5th. The objective of this competition for grade 9 students was to strengthen their aesthetic and artistic skills. It was an opportunity for them to display their creativity & talent in form of various designs and patterns. It also helped to encourage grade 10 students to think and work creatively in a team. Group efforts, individual inputs in form of planning, outlining and color combinations were very much evident during this competition.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Diwali – Festival of Lights’ was held on November 7th. This much awaited and loved festival of lights - Diwali was celebrated with traditional fervor by our students. Sapphire house students presented a special assembly and apprised the audience about the festival which marks the triumph of light over darkness. The theme was depicted in the form of a short and informative skit. The main objective of creating awareness of the sanctity and ideals of celebrating Diwali was very much achieved.

Talent Scan was conducted on November 25th. This competition aimed to encourage students to demonstrate their hidden talents, team spirit and stage presence. Group dance was organized with full zeal & enthusiasm and dances were based on the theme of Remix. The performances were amazing as well as entertaining.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘UAE National Day’ was held on November 28th. Through this assembly, there was excitement and enthusiasm in the air as the students of grade 9 commemorated the UAE National day. It was also an opportunity to enlighten students about the significance of this day. The spirit of the union and the progress of the UAE were portrayed through special prayer, various quotes, pledge & a short skit.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

Rangoli Making was conducted on November 3rd. The objective of this Rangoli making event on Diwali Eve was to bring good luck, togetherness and celebration of this festival with colors. Students exhibited their flair in the art by making beautiful Rangoli designs using geometric shapes, traditional impressions and floral motifs. Rangoli colours, flower petals and diyas were used to decorate the Rangolis.

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 14th. On this day, cultural programs like group singing and instruments were organized and enthralled students. Snacks for all of them were also included. The day ended in a beautiful resonance lingering in everybody’s mind.

Science Exhibition was conducted on November 15th. Our Science department worked on these lines to put up an exhibition themed ‘Sustainability’. Students exhibited spanned of all the three branches of Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics). It was an opportunity for them to hone their communication skills and polish their skills in technology. It was a step forward towards their all-round development.

PTCS was organised on November 15th. During this session, parents were briefed about their ward’s performance during the second periodic test. It also helped to create better understanding between parents & teachers and build harmonious relationships between the school & the community.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

Half Yearly Exams for grade 11 and First Model Exams for grade 12 were commenced on November 19th.

Grade 11 & 12 (Boys)

House Day was held on November 11th. Through this day, the four houses showcased their talents in a competitive spirit. Battle of the bands, fashion show with past, present & future as a theme and movie making were included. A new segment – skit was a highlight of the program. In honour of the chachas & chachis, ‘Chacha – Chachi Day’ was observed.


Islamic Elocution was conducted on November 21st for grade 7 & 8 boys. The purpose of this competition was to make Islamic Education students aware about the subject and value based on it.

Arabic Poem competition was conducted on November 22nd for grade 6. This competition aimed to improve the Arabic pronunciation and diction of students.

47th UAE National Day was celebrated on November 27th. On this day, students paid tribute to the rulers and the citizens of the UAE. They were in traditional attire performing dances, dramas, recited poems & speeches including power point presentation. They also paid homage to Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan on the occasion of ‘Year of Zayed.


American University Dubai Model United Nations Conference was held from November 1st to 3rd, one of the prestigious MUN Conferences in Dubai. Our school team of 23 students participated in this conference and 6 students played the role of different UN Committees President & Directors. Our school won 11 awards at different categories – 4 Best Delegates, 5 Honorable Mentions, and 2 Best Researched.

Our school organized the Round Square Conference ‘Impeccable Impressions’ from November 18th to 22nd with more than hundred delegates from 12 participating schools across South Asia and Gulf region. The theme of the conference was Environment Sustainability. The student delegates attended a workshop in EXPO2020 on sustainability, experienced farming techniques in hydroponic farms and witnessed the use of renewable energy in making of Masdar city - world’s most sustainable eco city. The conference concluded with an adventurous trip to Jebel Hafeet Mountains and Green Mubazzarah Park where a Barraza session was conducted to discuss the growing climatic concerns and solutions for the same. Finally, the delegates pledged their commitment towards environment.

Our team of 28 students from grades 7 to 10 participated in the World Debates Competition under Junior and Senior level organised by Cambridge International School and Jumeirah College Dubai on November 28th. Team had cleared three rounds of debate.


Special Presentations of Santa Clara University & Rollins College (USA), Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Loughborough University (UK) were conducted on November 1st, 5th & 6th respectively for grade 12. The objective of these presentations was to give orientation to students about university / college programs offer, admission requirements, application process, fee structure and deadline of application.

A Workshop on Green Chemistry & Chemical Engineering was held on November 5th at Manipal Academy of Higher Education Dubai Campus for grade 12 Science. This training program was an opportunity for students to learn quality analysis of food, mass transfer operation and hands-on software training.

IELTS Information Session was organised on November 10th for grade 11 & 12 registered test takers. This session aimed to teach the participants about techniques for preparation and acing the exam. It helped them gain confidence in facing the actual IELTS exam.

Workshop in Psychology scheduled on November 10th for grade 12 with Psychology was not push through because the university could not accommodate IHS students due to overbooking of the session.

UK Universities Fair was conducted on November 12th at Shangri-La Hotel Dubai for grade 12. Through this fair, students were able to get knowledge about the university’s programs offer, admission requirements, application process & deadlines, and fee structure.

IELTS Mock Test was held on November 15th for grade 11 & 12 registered test takers. This test aimed to provide experiential learning on what to expect on the actual exam. Students were able to experience the mock set-up and level of difficulty of the exam.

IELTS Assessment was held on November 17th for grade 11 & 12 registered test takers. During this assessment, students have achieved proof of English language proficiency as required for study in foreign countries and UAE as well.

Indian Universities Fair was conducted on November 19th for grade 12. This fair was an opportunity for students to meet university representatives and be informed about their programs offer, admission requirements, application process, fee structure and deadline of application.


Parent Talks on the topics ‘7 uncomfortable emotions your child needs to experience‘ for grade 5 & 6 parents, ‘Stress free exams: a toolkit’ for grade 10 parents, and ‘College search & Applications; admissions procedure –India’ for grade 11 & 12 parents were held on November 16th. The purpose of these talks was to help grade 5 & 6 parents identify emotions that are a necessary part of growing up & ways to deal with such situations, to help grade 10 parents’ guide their ward with effective strategies towards stress free exams and to help grade 11 & 12 parents with College search & admission procedures in India.

A Parent Talk on the topic ‘Managing Challenges’ was held on November 23rd for grades 7 to 9 parents. Through this talk, parents were guided with effective strategies to manage the common challenges of today’s adolescent.


CPD Program on E-Learning – Destination Success and Use of Interactive White Boards were held from November 11th till 22nd respectively. These trainings helped teachers to understand the collaborative tool needed. They were trained in the effective use of the eLearning modules along with the eLearning equipment that is made available in the classroom. It also helped to determine the level and effectiveness of teachers in using the ‘interactive white boards’.

A Workshop for Secondary School Teachers in the subject of Mathematics was conducted on November 16th. This workshop dealt with question paper setting and handling of HOTS questions pertaining to analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

A Workshop titled ‘A Creative teaching learning strategies in Mathematics’ was conducted on November 17th for Middle School Teachers in the subject of Mathematics. This workshop focused on discussing creative ideas of using mind mapping, gamification and using self-reflection for better learning of Mathematics.