School News November 2017

December 18, 2017


Grade 5 & 6 (Girls)

UAE National Day was celebrated on November 29th. Students took the initiative to showcase their solidarity towards their fellowmen by decorating their classes with the UAE national colours. Handmade creations adorned the classes and reused the previous year’s decorations symbolizing their initiative towards sustainability. It also helped to inculcate the spirit of the nation.

Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Art Competition was conducted from November 5th onwards. During this day, students enthusiastically participated and made candle holder, wall hangings, flower vase, chimes and more. It helped to develop their imagination, creativity and innovation.

Science & Maths Exhibition was held on November 20th. This exhibition was an opportunity for students to show different charts, working models, still models and more. It also helped to improve their skills of innovation and scientific thinking.

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 23rd. On account of this day, sports and games activity was organized. It helped to develop their self-esteem and personal growth by appreciating their individuality.

A Picnic to Motion Gate organised on November 27th. This educational picnic was an opportunity for experiential learning among students. It also encouraged the enhancement of social skills, camaraderie, team building and personal growth.

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

Children’s Day celebration was held on November 14th. During this day, entertaining and fulfilled programme was organized for students with the help of Student Council members. It helped to build lively and friendly atmosphere.

World Diabetes Day was held on November 24th. Students participated in 3km walk in Creek park to support the social cause. It also created awareness on diabetes among them.

A Special Assembly titled ‘Martyr’s Day’ was conducted on November 27th. This assembly was an opportunity for students to pay homage to the brave soldiers of UAE who sacrificed their life for the country. One minute silence was also observed as a mark of respect to the soldiers.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘United Nations and World Peace’ was held on November 2nd. During this assembly, students presented a mime depicting the highlights of World War II which resulted in the establishment of the United Nations. The role and responsibility of the United Nations in the maintenance of world peace was conveyed through a short speech. Singing of the meaningful Heal the World song was also included. It helped them recognize the importance of world peace and the role of the UN in maintaining it.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Thanksgiving’ was conducted on November 8th. Students presented the background of the Thanksgiving celebrations through a short drama. It helped to develop their virtue of being grateful towards people who are kind and helpful.

Talent Scan was organized on November 21st. This program consisted of an Inter-class Group Dance Competition. Students from grade 9 performed on the theme ‘remix’ and students from grade 10 performed on the theme ‘life is a celebration’. They also exhibited effective skills of organization and team work. It helped to develop their interest for performing arts.

Rangoli & Henna Designing competition (Inter-House) was conducted on November 23rd. Through this competition, four houses put up spectacular Rangolis depicting various themes and the Henna designing done by the students was a visual treat. Their artistic skills were aptly honed and evaluated.

Orchestra Competition (Inter-House) was held on November 26th. This competition was an opportunity for four house teams to present their distinct musical performances. Both vocalists and the instrumentalists were at their best. They were given a great platform to prove their skills at music.

Teacher’s Day & Children’s Day Celebrations was held on November 26th. Students entertained their teachers with dance, drama & games and teachers took the students by surprise with their dance, song, poetry recitation & fashion show. This program proved to be one which helped the teachers & students come and perform together.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘U.A.E. National Day’ was conducted on November 29th. Through speech and song, the importance of this day and the spirit of the reunion were aptly conveyed among students. It also helped to develop their greater love and respect for the UAE & its culture.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 14th. This day was an opportunity to accentuate Chacha Nehru’s love for children and to make students the audience for once & the teachers are responsible for everything from anchoring to conducting activities & entertaining them. Students enjoyed every bit of the program and were spell bound by the surprise given to them.

World Diabetes Day with the theme ‘Women & diabetes - Our right to a healthy future’ was held on November 15th. This day helped to promote the importance of taking coordinated and concerted actions to confront diabetes as a critical global health issue. Students of grade 10 staged a comic play during the assembly to raise awareness about the disease and the preventive measures to control it. They also tried to break the myth that eating sugar causes diabetes. Skit was very well conveyed the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle.

Picnic to Motion Gate was organised on November 16th. This trip provided students an unforgettable experience by immersing them into the wonderful world of film whether they loved animation or live-action, innovation or adventure each individual enjoyed the day to the fullest.

Beat Diabetes Walk hosted by Landmark Group was organised on November 24th at Dubai Creek Park. During this walk, students showed great enthusiasm and were committed to make world free of Diabetes by educating people in making healthy life style choices. They also benefitted from the free glucose testing services provided by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). The event's health partners also presented practical tips on how to prevent and manage Diabetes.

UAE National Day was celebrated on November 29th. Through a special assembly, students were enlightened about the significance of this day. Yola dance and educational PowerPoint were also included. They celebrated the "Spirit of the Union" and reflect UAE's solidarity across its culturally diverse community. It was also an opportunity for them to show respect and gratitude towards the rulers, citizens and nation in general. They effectively showcased the spirit of patriotism and loyalty to the leadership & homeland.

Grade 11 & 12

Com Factor was conducted on November 1st. Boys and girls students of the Commerce Department took part in Creating an Advertisement, Quiz, Movie Making and Budding Chef. Through this program, their hidden talents of creativity and innovations were exhibited.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

Fortnight Delite program was conducted on November 9th. Through this program, students from Home Science, Marketing, Salesmanship and Accounting sold nutritious items like Hari Bari Lassi & Paneer sliders. The proceeds of the sales will go towards the Chairman’s Welfare Fund. It helped to introduce the concept of a nutritious meal in student’s life with fun & good taste and to provide them interdisciplinary learning opportunities. The Art & Craft and the Green Patrol departments also played a major role.

Grade 11 & 12 (Boys)

SciScape (Science Exhibition) was held on November 5th. During this exhibition, Science students put up various working models to show innovations in all science subjects. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Engineering Graphics were exhibited.

House Day was held on November 6th. Students belonging to the four houses competed in events like Fashion Show, Battle of Bands, Trailer Making, Quick Art and Strength Tests. It was a fun-filled day where they exhibited their latent talents.


46th UAE National Day was celebrated on November 28th. This day was an opportunity to show our love and gratitude to the rulers and the people of this great country. Students from grades 5 to 9 boys and 5 to 8 girls displayed great performances. A minute of silence for the martyrs of the UAE was also observed.


Five students participated in MGDMUN ‘17 conference at Maharani Gayatri Devi School at Jaipur from October 30th to November 1st. One student got Best Delegate award from Narcotics & Drug Control Department and another one student got Verbal Mention award. The team of IHS participated in AUDMUN at American University in Dubai from November 2nd to 4th.Our team won eighteen awards. The AUDMUN had four Presidents from our school.


Visit to Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETEX) was conducted on November 1st at Dubai International Convention Centre for grade 11 Commerce & Science with Maths students. This exhibition was an opportunity for students to get knowledge about the university’s programs offer, admission requirements, application process & deadlines and fee structure.

A Special Presentation of Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (Switzerland) is scheduled on November 2nd for grade 11 & 12 Commerce & Humanities streams students. This presentation was not push through because the university representative was not able to come to school.

Special Presentations of Rollins College, Tampa University & Southern Methodist University was held on November 5th, Savannah College of Arts & Design (Atlanta, Hongkong, Lacoste, Savannah) on November 8th, Ocad University (Canada) & Purdue University (USA) on November 9th, University of Delaware & Truman State University on November 20th and Saint Mary’s University (Canada) & Nitte University (India) on November 21st for grade 11 & 12. During these presentations, students were informed about their programs offer, admission requirements, application process & deadlines and fee structure.

A visit to Study UK UAE Exhibition was conducted on November 6th at Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai for grade 11 & 12 Commerce & Science with Maths. Students were able to get knowledge about the university’s programs offer, admission requirements, application process & deadlines and fee structure.

Hospitality Backstage Program by Modul University Dubai is scheduled during this month for grade 12 Commerce & Humanities students. This program did not happen because there was a conflict with the hotel’s schedule and operational activities.


A Parent Talk on the topic ‘Stress Free Exams – A Toolkit’ was held on November 10th for grade 10. The purpose of this talk for was to help parents help their ward with effective strategies towards the topic.

Talks for Teachers on the topic ‘Classroom Intervention – Module 1’ was conducted on November 15th for grade 11 & 12 girls’ teachers and on November 27th for boys’ teachers. These talks created in-depth awareness among teachers of issues relevant to their section.

A Parent Talk on the topic ‘The Five Love languages of Children’ was conducted on November 24th for grades 5 to 7. Through this talk, parents recognized and spoke the primary love language of their ward.

A Parent Talk on the topic ‘College Admissions’ was held on November 24th for grade 11 & 12. This talk was an opportunity for parents to know the college search & admission procedure in India.


Workshops for Senior Secondary teachers were conducted on November 4th in the subjects of Biology, on November 11th for Accountancy and on November 24th for English. These workshops helped our teachers to improve their ‘Question Paper Setting’ skills and handle ‘HOTS’ questions.

CPD program on E-Learning was organised from November 5th to 8th and from November 26th to 29th. This training helped us to determine the level and effectiveness of some of our teachers in using ‘Interactive White Boards’ (Module 1 and Module 2).