School News December 2019

January 9, 2020


KG 1

Educational Trip to Fabyland, Dubai Festival City was organised on December 4th & 5th. Students enjoyed the rides and games with their friends.

Fancy Dress was conducted from December 8th to 10th. Through this activity, students came dressed up on different costumes and had spoken few sentences about their character on the platform.

PTCS (Term 2) was organised on November 25th. Parents and teachers had the opportunity to discuss their student’s progress and shared ideas on how to improve their performance in school.

KG 2

Educational Trips to OliOli were organised from December 8th to 11th. Students enjoyed a fun filled of different interactive activities. It was also an opportunity for them to explore the different galleries such as Future Park, Water Gallery, Forts & Dens, Toshi’s Nets and the Air Gallery. It helped them from learning & discovering science to play and lifelong skills. They gained insights and new knowledge about science.

Thematic Assembly was held on December 9th. During this assembly, divisions ‘O & P’ performed a short skit. They wore animal costumes and share educational insight & the importance of Sea Animals. It helped them be familiar with various sea animals and increase awareness & importance of the latter.

Grade 1 (Boys)

Health Education was conducted on December 8th till 12th. The objective was to imbibe healthy habits pertaining to the physical and mental wellbeing. Students formed healthy habits of eating right at the right time, indulged in simple mental awareness exercises and also kept fit by basic physical workouts at home and in school.

Grade 1 & 2 (Boys)

Annual Concert with the theme titled ‘Reunion of the Fairy Tale Wonders’ was conducted on December 9th. This program provided performance opportunities in the field of art, music and drama. They also gained proficiency in various areas of theatre. Students demonstrated their skills in theatre aesthetics and built a strong sense of confidence to perform in front of an audience.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Gratitude towards Brave Hearts’ was held on December 11th. This assembly helped students to develop their moral value of thankfulness to the mighty hearted ones who keep us safe and comfortable round the clock. It also helped them learn to work in teams and respect the contribution of the soldiers, policemen, fire fighters and more.

Grade 3 & 4 (Girls)

Arabic Creative Writing competition was conducted on December 5th. This competition helped students to foster a love for creative writing and to improve their language skills. It also encouraged imaginations and writing skills.

Annual Day was held on December 12th. Through this day, students were able to demonstrate their co-curricular skills in dancing and acting. It was an opportunity for them to showcase their various talents and interact with their teachers in a more informal environment.

Grade 3 & 4 (Boys)

PTCS (Term 2) was organised on December 4th. During this session, teachers discussed the performance of students with their parents. Guidelines on how parents could support and encourage their wards to be successful learners were provided. It also helped build successful partnership between parents and teachers in developing effective communication techniques that meet the student’s need.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Keeping the Spirit of Season Alive – reaching out to those in need’ was held on December 11th with mass participation of grade 3 division ‘S’. This assembly helped encourage individual participation of students, make them aware about the topics and enhance their oral skills. It was also an opportunity for them to perform with their peers, to learn & share their knowledge.

Student Council meeting was conducted on December 12th. Students appreciated the diverse abilities of the community. Student Council explored their responsibility to their school community and brainstorm steps they can or could take to remove social barriers. It helped them improve the quality of life.


Best Out of Waste by Environment Club was conducted on December 10th for grade 3 & 4 boys. The purpose of this activity for students was to create love for environment by making best out of waste with help of recyclable things. They used their imaginations and creativity to make innovative things.