Forthcoming January (First Half) 2019

December 30, 2018


Grade 5 & 6 (Girls)

Maths Quiz will be conducted on January 6th. This quiz will help to assess students’ knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Quiz (Social Studies) will be conducted on January 9th. This competition will help students to look beyond their textual knowledge.

Grade 8 (Girls)

Street Play was originally planned on November 19th and now reschedule to January 7th. Through this street play, students will perform on the topic given to them and bring out the social issue of the society. It will also be an opportunity to develop their organizational skills and moral values.

Grade 9 (Girls)

Calligraphy Competition (English) will be held on January 7th. The objective of this competition for students is to develop their good handwriting skills.

Grade 10 (Girls)

Poetry Writing Competition (English) will be conducted on January 7th. This competition aims in developing students’ creative expression in the language.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

PT 3 for grade 9 and Model Exam for grade10 will be conducted from January 3rd to 15th.

Grade 11 (Boys)

Annual Practical Examination will commence in the second week of January.

Grade 12

Second Model Examination will go on through out this month.


A Student Talk on the topic ‘Self-Awareness and Managing your Emotions’ will be conducted on January 7th for grade 8 boys. This talk will help students to be aware of changing emotions and the strategies to manage them.

Student Talks on the topics ‘Growing Up Gracefully’ for grade 5 girls and ‘Positive Personality’ for grade 7 boys will be held on January 13th. The objective these talks for grade 5 girls is to help them in adjusting to changes as they grow and to help grade 7 boys in shaping their personality in a positive manner.

A Student Talk on the topic ‘College Readiness – Part 3’ will be conducted during this month for grade 11 girls. Through this talk, students will know how to get started for college search and admissions.


CPD Program on E-Learning – “Destination Success” and “Use of Interactive White Boards” will be conducted from January 6th till 15th for teachers respectively. This program will help teachers to understand all collaborative tools needed. It will also help to determine their level and effectiveness in using the interactive white boards.

A Workshop will be held for senior secondary school teachers on January 11th & 12th in the subject of Mathematics. This workshop will help teachers to improve their ‘Question Paper Setting’ skills. They will also be trained in handling ‘HOTS’ questions pertaining to analysis, synthesis and evaluation.